Polyurethane is a material that covers the gap between rubber and plastic, its high load bearing capacity and excellent abrasion resistance make for strong, durable sheet products.

PU sheeting is available from 45 to 95 Shore A hardness and thicknesses 0.5mm to 13mm.

Sheeting is typically supplied in natural but can also be pigmented in some grades.

Silpro typically supply PU sheeting by method of centrifuge casting, where liquid PU is poured into a mould and spun under heat at high speed to produce the required thickness.

Standard sheet sizes produced are 3.7m x 686mm, in-house cutting equipment can provide these sheets cut down or supplied in strips.

Benefits of Polyurethane

Compression / tensile strength
PU has excellent load bearing abilities, it can undergo changes in shapes and will recover to its original state with little compression set.

Abrasion / impact resistance
PU is an incredibly tough and durable polymer, it is an ideal material for components that will be contacting moving parts; it possess good high tear resistance.

Resistance to Water, Oil & Grease
PU material has impressive environmental properties, it will remain stable (with minimal swelling) in water / oil / grease – many other chemicals will not degrade the material at all.

Suitable for food contact
Many PU materials (ethers and esters) will prevent growth by fungus, molds and mildew. To add to this special additives are available to enhance this further in certain grades.