Highly compressible and offering good resistance to fuels and oils, cork is widely used for sealing from punched gaskets, strips and sheeting.

Cork materials include synthetic (silicone), nitrile, neoprene or a combination (dual binder) of materials to offer a wide range of different properties to meet various demands.

Cork contains enhanced compressibility and recovery properties, by including a rubber element you can improve the flexibility and shelf life which is often key considerations for sealing applications.

Typical thicknesses range from 0.8mm to 10mm and this product is available in various sheet/roll forms.

With temperature ratings between -20°C to +120°C, cork material cans be used in a wide range of industrial environments and applications including:-

  •  Automotive
  • Air/refrigeration compressors
  • Noise/vibration reduction
  • Cushioning/anti-fatigue matting

Cork materials can also be supplied to meet military and aerospace specifications including Mil-T-6841 (AMS-T-6841) and Mil-C-6183 in both type 1 and 2. 

Subject to choice of material and specification, Silpro can also supply sheets with self adhesive backing to supply you with a fully finished component.