Silpro’s silicone rubber closed cell sponge is an excellent polymer for thermal and low pressure sealing applications where good thermal qualities, low weight and the ability to fill uneven profile cavities are important.

Gaskets can be cut from sponge sheet to your design and are suitable for large and small order quantities; sheeting can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive and fabric backing. Sponge extrusions such as tubing, cord and profiles can be supplied as fabricated O-rings or in continuous length.

The ability to fill uneven gaps around door frames is also a leading attribute of silicone thermal sponge in SOFT (SP400-16) MEDIUM (SP400-24) HARD (SP400-33) density in sheet or log form. Silpro sponge sheet is available up to 1100mm wide and thickness of 1.5mm up to 50mm. Densities and compounds can be varied to suit different applications.

Sponge sheet bonded to metal or solid rubber can be manufactured to your designs, die and water jet cutting is available.


Silpro supply silicone sponge sheeting and extrusions for a wide range of applications / environments including:-

  • External Light Fitting Gaskets
  • Enclosure Seals
  • Transfer Printing Pressure Pads
  • Automotive Sealing Applications
  • Adhesive Application Pads
  • Weather and Glazing Seals
  • Thermal Insulation (Hot and Cold Applications)
  • Domestic Appliance Seals and Gaskets
  • Locomotive and Carriage Seals

Specialist Grades

Along with standard silicone sponge profiles and sheeting materials Silpro can supply specialist grades that are suitable for components that require chemical resistance, thermal conductivity and flame retardant properties.