Silicone sponge solid strips are manufactured from closed cell cellular silicone rubber extruded or slit from calendared sheeting. It is available in a wide range of dimensions, colours and specialist grades.

The unique nature of sponge allows for enhanced levels of compressibility and weight reduction over standard silicone rubber strips.

The ability to fill uneven gaps / cavities is a leading attribute of silicone sponge strips. This along with the protection it can offer against moisture and dust ingress means this product is widely used in sealing environments.

Silpro supply silicone sponge extruded strips in the following materials:-

  • SP400-10 – Very soft
  • SP400-16 – Medium soft
  • SP400-24 – Medium
  • SP400-32 – Firm

Strips slit from sheeting are commonly available in SP400-16 & 24 densities, however we can supply from made to order sheeting as well as extrusion if you require a harder / softer material.

As well as its use in industry, Silpro have also supplied bespoke colour-matched strips for design and aesthetical applications where look and feel is the primary consideration.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Sponge strips are commonly available in thicknesses from 1mm to 50mm and widths up to 1m. Products can be supplied in a comprehensive range of specialist materials including:-
• High Temperature – 250C upwards
• Fire Retardant
• Metal Detectable
• Fluorosilicone – for enhanced chemical resistance
• FDA Compliant (FDA 177.2600 and EC 1935/2004 standards)

Adding Value

Silicone sponge strips can be supplied in free length coils, spooled, cut lengths or joined rings using RTV (room temperature vulcanised) or heat cured adhesives. Our on-site cutting and fabrication equipment and experienced staff ensures means Silpro can offer this service to supply you a finished, ready to fit component.