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The aerospace sector relies on high-performance materials to guarantee passenger safety and operational efficiency in various critical applications. Silicone rubber stands out as a widely employed solution to address these challenges. Silicone retains its characteristics over a broad temperature spectrum, ranging from -70°C to +220°C, making it exceptionally suitable for the demands of aerospace and aviation. It excels not only in elevated temperatures for engine components but also in frigid conditions at high altitudes. 


For more than 15 years, Silicone Extrusions has been a dedicated manufacturer of silicone rubber products for the aerospace industry. Our expertise spans the production of silicone parts across all tiers of the supply chain, with a global distribution reach.  

Our projects- Our products are globally recognized and utilized on aircraft crafted by leading industry manufacturers, such as: Airbus 

Mersey Tunnel Liverpool

There are two road tunnels running underneath the River Mersey from Liverpool to Wirral and back again. The Queensway Tunnel runs from Liverpool city centre to Birkenhead and opened in 1934. The Kingsway tunnel opened in 1971 as traffic levels increased. It runs from Wallasey to Liverpool. Thousands of cars use the tunnels each day, Silpro Extrusions has played a pivotal role in contributing to the Queensway tunnel.

Hatfield Bridge

Work began in 1983 with the demolition of buildings and the diversion of underground services. In 1984 work on the tunnel and motorway itself began. The tunnel is of cut-and-cover construction, comprising three reinforced concrete walls with a reinforced concrete roof slab spanning the three walls. The tunnel was built in sections to allow existing A1 traffic to pass the site. 

The tunnel was fitted with mechanical ventilation and drainage systems. Raised walkways and emergency doors into the adjoining tunnel were provided for emergency purposes, in accordance with the standards of the day. 

There are three plant rooms visible above ground, which can be seen from the Galleria and Comet Way. These contain control panels for the tunnel mechanical and electrical systems. There are also at least two large pump chambers underground alongside the tunnel that deal with ground water flowing into the tunnel infrastructure. These pump to further pumping stations situated north and south of the tunnel. In turn the water is pumped into local rivers. The tunnel drainage system includes pollution control measures and a balancing pond to ensure that local watercourses are not overloaded during heavy rainfall. 

The tunnel was opened to traffic on 10 December 1986 by the Duke of Kent. Prior to opening a charity event was held inside the tunnel. 

The rail and mass transit sectors demand top-tier materials capable of not only meeting stringent health and safety benchmarks to ensure passenger well-being, but also thriving in challenging settings where they’ll encounter extreme temperatures and weathering. Enter Silpro Extrusions, a trailblazer in the rail industry boasting over a decade of expertise in crafting silicone extrusions, gaskets, and molded components, all harnessed across a diverse array of rail applications. Anchored by our ISO 9001:2015 quality control framework, we guarantee unwaveringly superior products delivered punctually throughout the project’s lifecycle. 

Silpro Extrusions has revolutionized the rail and mass transit industry by introducing cutting-edge flame-retardant materials that stand as a bulwark for the safety and comfort of train passengers and station users alike. 


In an environment where extreme temperatures and potentially hazardous conditions are common, our flame-retardant materials have emerged as a game-changer. These materials are meticulously engineered to ensure the highest level of safety standards, mitigating the risk of overheating and potential fire hazards. By providing an effective barrier against elevated temperatures, we have effectively fortified train cabins and station structures, offering peace of mind to commuters and operators. 


Beyond safety, our commitment to innovation extends to enhancing user experience. We have worked tirelessly to develop materials that not only meet regulatory health and safety requirements but also contribute to the overall comfort of passengers. Silpro Extrusions’ pioneering solutions have not only elevated the industry’s safety benchmarks but have also instilled a sense of trust among passengers and operators. By consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in materials science, we have empowered the rail and mass transit sector to embrace a future where safety, comfort, and innovation are seamlessly integrated into every journey and station experience. 

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