Silicone Cord and O-Rings

Discover Endless Versatility with Silicone Cord Rings

Whether you’re in manufacturing, crafting, or engineering, our silicone cord rings are your gateway to seamless solutions. Silicone cord rings are a dynamic solution designed to adapt and endure.  

Their inherent flexibility enables them to bend, twist, and stretch without losing their shape or compromising performance.  

Whether you’re sealing, connecting, or crafting, their elasticity ensures a secure fit in a wide range of applications. 

We also manufacture a range of jewellery cords in hypoallergenic silicone, colour matched in a range of attractive colours which have proved to be popular. Our metal detectable grade cord, which is available in blue and red as standard. 

We produce silicone cord sizes from Ø 0.3mm up to Ø 65.00mm. A huge range of grades can be offered including carbon loaded/anti-static, metal detectable which is widely used in the food industry.

Other specialist grades include:-

  • SP800/70 – Silpro’s low smoke / low toxicity grade which is approved for use on London Underground
  • Platinum cured – high clarity silicone used in dairy and pharmaceutical industries
  • Anti-Microbial – effective against MRSA & Ecoli

    Standards And Approvals

    Silpro can manufacture silicone rubber cord and o-rings to the following standards and approvals:- 

    • BS 2848 T5 CL180T
    • BS6853
    • ULV94 V0 Silicone Rubber
    • FDA Regulations 21 CFR 177.2600
    • USP Class VI Biocompatibility




    Discover a universe of possibilities with our versatile silicone cord rings: 

    Standard Cord Rings: Available in various diameters to suit your needs. 

    Colour Options: Choose from a range of vibrant colours to match your project’s aesthetics. 

    Custom Solutions: Need a specific size or colour? Our team can create custom cord rings tailored to your requirements. 

    Your Success, Our Priority 

    At Silpro, we’re not just selling cord rings; we’re offering you a pathway to efficiency and creativity. Our experts are committed to guiding you toward the perfect silicone cord ring solution for your unique applications. 

    Request a Consultation 

    Ready to elevate your projects? Get in touch with us today for a personalized consultation. 

    Why Choose Our Silicone Cord Rings?

    1. Precision Craftsmanship

    Experience the epitome of precision with our silicone cord rings. Each ring is meticulously crafted to ensure consistent diameter and reliable performance, making them a trustworthy solution for your projects. 

    1. Superior Flexibility

    Navigate curves, corners, and bends effortlessly. Our silicone cord rings are designed to maintain their elasticity and shape, making them ideal for applications that require flexibility without compromising durability. 

    1. Temperature Resistance

    From extreme cold to scorching heat, our silicone cord rings are built to withstand a wide range of temperatures. This resilience ensures their performance remains consistent even in the most demanding environments. 

    1. Industry Applications

    Our silicone cord rings cater to diverse industries, each benefiting from their unique properties: 

    Manufacturing Excellence: Enhance your assembly processes and product quality with our reliable cord rings. 

    Engineering Solutions: Seal, insulate, and secure with confidence using silicone cord rings engineered for industrial-grade applications.