Silicone Rubber Sheeting

With a remarkable three decades of dedicated service in providing silicone rubber sheeting and a diverse range of silicone components to industries across the globe, our expertise shines as a beacon of excellence. Our extensive journey has bestowed upon us a wealth of invaluable knowledge and profound technical prowess, empowering us to meticulously tailor the perfect material solution for your unique application. Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee forged through years of unwavering commitment and expertise.


Silicone Rubber Sheet Can Be Supplied In 1/5/10 Metre Lengths And Widths From 1m To 1.8m; Thickness Range From 0.3mm To 20mm.

Silicone rubber sheeting can be manufactured in a range of specialist grades including:-

Fluorosilicone – Provides excellent chemical resistance.

Carbon Conductive – Low volume resistivity

Flame Retardant – Low smoke, low toxicity – LU compliant material

Platinum Cured – For improved clarity and no peroxide by-products.

Metal Detectable – effective against E-Coli & MRSA, prevents mould and algae growth.

Glass Fibre Re-inforced

High / Low Temperature – -60°C to +300°C

Sponge FDA / WrC / USP Class VI Compliant – Suitable for food contact and healthcare products

Manufacturing Sheeting

Using extrusion and calendaring techniques most silicone sheet products are available plain or adhesive backed and can be supplied in sheet form or converted into strips, seals, washers, gaskets and fabricated articles.

Sheeting Specifications

Shore A Hardness from 30° to 60°.

Temperature resistance range from -40°C up to +300°C. Silpro’s silicone sheet is widely available in White, Translucent, Black, Blue and Red Oxide. We can also supply sheeting special colours or colour-matched for specific requirements / environments.

Technical Standards

Specialist Compounds are available to meet the following standards

  • BS 2848 T5 CL180T – Electrical Standard Grade
  • BS6853 / NF 16-101 – Meets standards for use in mass transit applications / environments.
  • ULV94 V0 – Silicone rubber low oxygen index and high temperature use.
  • JAR25.853(b) Aircraft Interior use mass transit to meet low flammability tests.
  • FDA Regulations 21 CFR 177.2600 Fully compliant to FDA standard 177.2600 and EC 1935/2004 – General Purpose silicone sheets are suitable for applications requiring direct, repeated contact with food.

To obtain a quotation for your silicone rubber sheet simply send in a dimensional design or drawing together with the quantity and colour. Silpro will aim to respond to your enquiry within 24hrs.