Meeting the requirements of products suitable to for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries is always a challenging one. Combating bacteria such as MRSA to E.Coli, Salmonella & Listeria to name a few; it is crucial for manufacturers to develop products from materials that can effectively and safely reduce contamination and infections.

Silpro Extrusions are able to offer a comprehensive range of products with this in mind using our specially formulated anti-microbial SP770 silicone rubber compound. By employing the widely recognised sterilising properties of silver; this premium elastomer will begin killing bacteria on the surfaces treated with antimicrobial additives. Tests on the additive we use have demonstrated a reduction and retarded growth of these bacteria over a 24 hour period.

Our production team can supply SP770 rubber for extrusions, sheeting and moulded components such as:-

With full material traceability and COFC’s available, contact us today to discuss your requirement further.